Version, Revision and Lifecycle Status

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Cogence supports comprehensive data lifecycle management through the use of versions, revisions, lifecycle and a release process. Since Cogence is multi-user system it minimizes conflicts (and overwriting changes) through the use of Check-in and Check-out process. The following picture shows the lifecycle management concepts used for parts, files and forms in Cogence.


Check-out and Check-in

Since Cogence is a multi-user system with history management data items need to be checked out by users so that they can be edited. The following picture shows the concept of checkin and checkout for data items. This ensures that only the user that checkout a data object can edit the object. A checked out object is not editable by users other than the user that checked out the object.


When a data object is not checked out by any user, the “Check Out” button is available as shown below.

When the data object is checked out by another user, you can see it listed as being locked by the user